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Commercial Roofing Specialists

We are roof and building envelope specialists in Manchester.

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Commercial Installers Firestone RubberGard EPDM

RubberGard EPDM is a synthetic rubber single-ply waterproofing membrane for flat and low slope roofs of commercial, industrial and residential buildings. It offers outstanding durability, resilience and adaptability to current and future building needs.

Our Services

  • Flat Roofing and Single Ply Membranes

    We're a leading installer of EPDM and single ply membranes.

    We install the following products:

    - Firestone and EPDM
    - Resitrix
    - Protan

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  • Leak Detection Services

    99% success rate in locating leaks

    We pride ourselves in being ‘The Best’ in the industry, using more than one method of detection to confirm and accurately identify water leaks.

    We use all the most modern test equipment is to find the leak accompanied with over 20 years of fault-finding experience.

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  • Cladding & Industrial Roofing

    We install metal roof profiles, composite panels and all types of cladding systems.

    • - Standing Seam
    • - Composite Panels
    • - Metal Profiles
    • - Cappings and Flashings
    • - Cut-edge corrosion
    • - Gutter Lining Systems

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  • Access Equipment

    We own and operate access equipment to carry out installations, inspections and repairs.

    GAP Roofing Services offer roof cladding maintenance, repair and replacement services to ensure that potential problematic situations are avoided and fire safety compliance are met.

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We are approved installers of leading systems

We supply and install a wide range if single ply membranes and waterproofing products


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