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Leak Detection Services

We are Leak Detection Specialists

We're experts at finding the source of unwanted water ingress

With a range of specialist equipment, Gap roofing are experts at finding leaks within a building envelope. We use state of the art equipment to find the source of water ingress.

Electrical testing equipment for wet and dry tests

wet test

Wet testing:

Using a conductive perimeter wire on the surface of the test area, a Pulse Generator produces low-voltage current that propagates over the test area via the water on the surface.

An earth-return lead connects to a known earth point on the roof structure. A pulse of current find a path to earth through leaks and holes in the roofing membrane, which is non-conductive.

The Detector measures this current flow and directs the operator towards the exact location of any leaks.

Dry testing:

Dry testing applies a high-voltage DC current to the surface via a conductive brush (an electrode) connected to the detector unit.

An return lead from the detector unit is connected to a known earth on the roof structure. As the operator passes the electrode brush over the roof’s non-conductive membrane, any holes allow the completion of an electrical circuit, triggering the detector unit to sound, highlighting a fault's location.

dry test

Thermal Imaging surveys

Thermal Imaging:

Thermal imaging cameras are a fast, effective and affordable leak detection tool. A thermal roof survey will identify anomalies within your roof and quickly identify defective roof areas harbouring dangerous faults.

Thermal testing

Access equipment:

We own and operate our own access equipment, so we can get to the source of the problem quickly.

We also have electrical testing equipment as detailed below: