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Thermal Roof Surveys

What Is A Thermal Roof Survey?

Using a Infra-red technology, our thermal imaging cameras identify moisture within a building.


Thermal imaging cameras are a fast, effective and affordable leak detection tool. A thermal roof survey will identify anomalies within your roof and quickly identify defective roof areas harbouring dangerous faults.

We use this information to create a moisture map within our documentation which will be used to inform contractors of any faults.

Trapped Moisture:

Accurately and efficiently locate trapped moisture within a flat roof membrane that would have been hidden from a visual survey.


Visual Roof Surveys:

A visual roof survey is the first point of inspection for any roof survey. Often enough, issues can be documented by one of our experts and then marked for repair without the need for any advanced survey equipment.

Using a blunt roofing probe, our contractors will check all laps, welds, seams and roof details for any wear or failures, for example, along a membrane weld.