Roof and

125-133 Pollard Street
M4 7JB


Shorefield House, Dunscar Bridge, Egerton, BL7 9EH


This property has multiple possible leak locations

  • Ingress from the chimney front and back
  • Possible ingress from box gutter
  • Ingress slipped ridge - middle of building
  • Leak from the flat roof
  • Reported leak around roof lantern over swimming pool
  • Damaged slates and ridge over gym area and small extension
  • Flashing missing or loose in various areas around lower level building
  • Render issues lower level need specialist third party survey

Due to the age of the building, this report only covers the leaks highlighted. These highlighted areas are the most likely causes of ingress, however, there may be ingress from outside of the highlighted points.

Document date: 05-08-2021


Leaks front and back of chimney

Chimney rear image

Box gutter possible point of ingress

Damage to ridge

Possible point of ingress from box gutter

Flashing coming away from wall

Possible ingress from chimney - water marks / moss indicators

Box gutter free of debris


Box gutter view from above


'Middle leak'

Ridge capping slipped

Chimney Leak

Leak location 2

Leak location below flat roof area

Flat roof leak location

Flat roof leak location

Skylight - poor design

Flat roof - debris to be removed

Flashing required pointing

Cracked slates

Missing flashing, cracked slates

Flashing coming away from wall

Render damaged

Poor connection detail