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125-133 Pollard Street
M4 7JB


Eccles Sixth Form College Chatsworth Rd, Eccles, Manchester M30 9FJ

The below quotation is for the replacement of felt below the tiles and then refitting the tiles.

The reason we are quoting for this is with the last 6 months we have leaks in multiple locations under heavy rain because the water as always back flowed the tiles under heavy rain but now the felt is aging now and starting to fail in areas.

Both ends of the building are the worst affected areas and will be quoted for as an option including the full roof that will be very expensive because of the size and the time taken.

Within the cost we have put 40% breakages because these man-made slates are very fragile and break very easily and take time to remove without damage.

Please note it maybe an option to remove the last 4 rows and replace the felt at this level and may stop 90% of all leaks now and for the future but this will need be investigate further to see if is possible.

  • Option 1- both ends felt replace: £16,284
  • Option 2 – full roof felt replace: £39,780
  • Option 3 – last 4 courses removed and new felt fitted: £12,800
Document date: 05-08-2021

Option 1- both ends felt replaced

Option 2 – full roof felt replaced

Option 3 – last 4 courses removed and new felt fitted