Roof and

125-133 Pollard Street
M4 7JB


Guildford House, 1 Heather Cl, Macclesfield SK11 0LR

1 & 2 - Completed works

3, 4 & 5 - Recommended works to flat plates:

6 - Recommended works to ridge:

7 - Recommended works to skylight:

8 & 9 - Recommended works: box gutters require overflows fitting

Document date: 05-08-2021

Ridge detail highlighted. From the poor image provided, due to the coverage and previous foot traffic under heavy directional wind, we are getting ingress under this capping detail in multiple locations. We recommend a larger footprint full length of the ridge with a better pitch.

Skylight up-stand highlighted. We have already repaired this once, and believe due to air current within the building leaking at this point. This is forcing the flat roof up-stand detail to move as pictured.

Flat plate highlighted 1, 3, 4 & 5.

Recommendations: due to previous failures when attempting a sealant repair and due to future foot traffic, we only recommend overlaying these plates for a guaranteed long term solution. (Please note we can attempt a sealant repair by removing all old coatings, however, cannot guarantee this as a long term solution).

Highlighted area 7 - Skylight eves filler detail moved due to wind uplift.

This has moved due to air leakage from the building under storm conditions.

Correct skylight eve filler detail.

Highlighted areas 8 & 9: Potential overflow locations.

We recommend the front overflow due to entrance and substation to both sides.