Roof and

125-133 Pollard Street
M4 7JB


Apt 9 The Reform Club, Heaton Moor, Stockport, SK4 4PA

Overview of faults found, repairs made and possible further causes of ingress

Document date: 03-08-2021

Overview of works completed:

1) - Capping detail small ingress repaired
2) - Outlet anti drip added
3) - VCL membrane fell behind flashing, causing ingress. Repair and corrected.
4) - Up-stand detailed sealed
5) - Flat roof welds sealed
6) - Outlet sealed
7) - Capping detail replaced
8) - Void above window sealed and trim detail added

Evidence of water ingress from main roof

Soil pipe possible point of ingress from birds-nest down internal pipe and to possible unsealed bend inside building.

Further investigation of internal soil pipe required.

Repairs made to flat roof

Repairs made to flat roof

Window void sealed and trim detailed added

Soil pipe sealed correctly

Up-stand sealed correctly on EPDM roof.

Capping repaired