Roof and

125-133 Pollard Street
M4 7JB


The Sorting House 83 Newton St, Manchester M1 1EP

Maintenance recommended once annually to clear gutters of debris. Estimated 2 days on site.

Outlets recommended to be cleared on a annual basis. There are some inaccessible and need decking cutting to create access chambers.

Lap edge corrosion to be address within two years to prevent roof sheets rusting.


Budgetary costs:

Gutter clean: £900 + VAT
Lap edge corrosion: further survey /access required to identify number of locations.
All outlets inspected and jetted and new inspection hatches fitted: £2100 + VAT

As per discussion with Ness, the flat roof waterproofing under the decked areas needs replacing within the next few years and have a manufacturer inspect the membrane in the coming week to recommend possible solutions for coating the substrate with a long term guarantee.

Document date: 05-08-2021