Roof and

125-133 Pollard Street
M4 7JB


Bass Warehouse 4 Castle St, Manchester M3 4LZ

Main issues for water ingress under heavy rain (please note that we haven’t tested the membrane for punctures but from inspection could see water ingress from the gutter overflowing)

• Worst leak point area is located is the 13m + from the first outlet.

• The slates on this building are very thin and damaged in parts.

• Very low upstand detail to box gutter and under storm / heavy rainwater conditions could cause the levels in the box gutter will increase and will overflow into the building (we have hade 4 storm in the last 6 months)

• Felt under slates rotting possibly causing capillary action when water sites in the gutter under heavy rain fall.

• PVC walkways delaminating and obstructing smooth water flow and possibly slowing water flow down by 15%

• All the above is mostly progressive and getting worse by age and unprecedented rainfall in the past few years and needs all the tolerance’s increasing to stop further ingress in storm conditions.

• Without replacing this box gutter for an increased capacity design / replacing slates & lower felt where rotted this will always be problematic and cause ingress periodically.

• We can give other options but to resolve the problem long term it must be replaced.

• We have quoted for these works previously and will re-send again at the same cost.

Document date: 23-01-2020