Roof and

125-133 Pollard Street
M4 7JB


M2 Building, Liverpool Road, Greater, Manchester, M3 3JN

Document date: 03-08-2021

Leak Locations highlighted in green

Leak Locations highlighted in green

GAP Roofing Services attended M3 firstly in 2013 with reported leaks into apartment 28 dating back to 2011.

GAP attended 02/07/2020 with Katie Murphy for the on-going leak issues. From our initial survey, recently carried our repair works had not stopped the historical into the top four apartments. In 2013/14, we attended, and liquid coated the box gutters on the main roof to the four apartments.

Earlier this year (2020), a similar liquid coating was applied to the same areas - again with reports the issue has not been resolved. After speaking to specialists, Hard Metal Roofing Suppliers, this roof has the potential for multiple defects from when this was designed from new and with current installation methods, this would not meet the standards needed to guarantee a water tight roof in all conditions / all year round.

When speaking specialists, this roof can expand up to 8mm larger and 8mm smaller under extreme weather conditions. This would compromise the liquid coating over a short period of time making the liquid coating not fit for purpose.

The only long-term solution is to fully replace this roof so guarantees can be given.

Estimate for Replacement:

Budget £140,000 +VAT for roof replacement

Water ingress into lower apartments:

From our surveys the following issues were identified:

- Incorrect flat roof upstand across balconies

- Poor draining under paving due to inverted roof design.

- Missing mortar and pointing issues in multiple locations to brickwork and coping detail.

- Possible cavity tray failures allowing water to leak down cavity.

- Windows starting to show signs of aging and possible ingress.

- Possible blocked drainage outlets but could not access these during our survey and requires further investigations.

A budgetary cost for the following works:

Supply and fit new flashing to increase upstand detail around flat roof balcony areas

Point brickwork where defective

Lift paving to locate outlet, cut drainage slots in the insulation to allow water to flow freely

Please note: these works are needed as general maintenance and have a good possibility to resolve some of the leaks pending further investigation.


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