Roof and

125-133 Pollard Street
M4 7JB


3 Daten Park, Kelburn Court, Birchwood, Warrington, WA3 6PN

Highlighted circles above - points of ingress

Repairs made to leak entry points within felt on highlighted area.

Dry ridge system installed to area where ingress visible.

This roofing detail is originally of poor design but because there was a plastic VCL on the underside of the roof, this helped to prevent visible ingress from within the property for many years. This VCL is now beginning to perish in places, causing ingress in multiple locations.

Please note this roof has leaked for years, however the VCL has till now hidden the signs of ingress.

The only long term solution is to fully strip and replace the valleys and surrounding areas. The work we have done will stop ingress at the points highlighted but other areas will fail in time due to changes of and unprecedented weather conditions as we experienced last year.

We will forward a quotation for permanent works as the repairs will require scaffolding for safety reasons.

Document date: 18-01-2020

Overview of valley

Area above lead flashing highlighted - ingress point under heavy / prolonged rain.

Salt marks

Ingress / evidence of capillary action

Insufficient overlap

Poor felt / lead detail

Water ingress evidence

Moisture visible on felt

Possible ingress under heavy rain

Felt repair made

Felt repair made

Dry ridge system

Salt marks covered by dry ridge system

Low modular PVC repair - ridge sealed to prevent ingress