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What are the options to repair or replace a damaged flat roof?

What are the options to repair or replace a damaged flat roof?

Damage to a commercial roof:

When there is damage to a commercial flat roof, the goal is to get it repaired as quickly as possible for the property owner.

However, depending on the extent of the damage, there are a few options available. These include repairing re-patching or a complete roof replacement.

patch repair

These different options need to be considered in terms of the extent of the damage and the cost of repairs.

Roof repairs are the. Ideal option for most situations depending on the level of damage.

Roof patch repairs or membrane repairs or repairs to penetrations can be a cost-effective way to prevent further water ingress to a roof without the costly overhaul of a completely new roof.

Roofs may have a series of different issues such as roof laps roof penetrations or tears to the roof. Patchwork repairs generally as the standard for brief lapse a lap being where the membrane welled comes unstable and therefore the membrane allows water ingress across the seam of two pieces. Penetrations are commonly caused by trades such as window cleaners or others who use roof platforms for access.

Replacing a roof is the most expensive option, however when you have multiple repairs, for example 30 or more and it may be an ideal solution for an older membrane, which is failing in multiple places.

Often new membranes can go directly over an old membrane in certain circumstances, but in other circumstances the old membrane must be removed and new boards must be fitted along with any insulation depending on the quality of the existing roof before the new membrane can be fitted.

There are a few options for roof membranes such as EPDM rubber. Or PVC.