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The benefits of having a roof deck on a flat roof

Rooftop decks

One of the main advantages of having a rooftop deck is that it adds additional living space to the property.

The first issue is that the roof may not be strong enough to support the roof deck therefore the structure of the roof must be checked before installing any roof decks.

liquid coating

A roof deck is ideal for entertaining as it provides homeowners with standing views. Having built a roof deck and this offers high quality thermal performance and also UV protection to the roofing membrane, it can also offer structural support in some cases.

Roofing decks create a slope for improved wind uplift and a slope for improved drainage. Rooftop decks off a large space of growing plants.

Vegetation grown on top of a roof can offer insulation as well as protection to the roof membrane. Flooring materials used are often wood, flagstones or metal. Wood is the traditional look for your flooring or decking and however wood does require more maintenance other than other materials such as steel. Flagstones are common on commercial buildings, however the weight of these must be considered in the design process of the roof.

Common problems with roof decks:

Before you can start building you need a permit from your local planning department this means you submit detailed drawings to get this approved.

Please be aware, roof decks may be incorrectly installed. Complications can arise from poor installation such as such as fixings straight into an existing membrane, which pierces the membrane allowing water ingress.

Ponding water below roof deck may not be an issue in all circumstances but ensure that the roof maintains structural stability accounting for the weight of the deck and the water.